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Owner & Director of Interiors

Amanda Maday

Amanda has over 10 years’ experience in the commercial and residential design world with over 400 projects completed. Her passion for the commercial design industry has pushed her to form her own design studio which includes services for interior design, architecture, branding development and graphic design. Restaurant and food service projects are her wheelhouse and she has a great understanding of the vital relationship between kitchen and front of house operations. Clients include restaurants, corporate office, hospitality, high-end residential, and retail environments. Concept development and remodeling based on new brand strategies are Amanda’s expertise and she values the collaboration process as a fundamental ingredient to each project. She also works in television design for numerous shows on HGTV and the DIY Network. 

Amanda has her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, has attained accreditation in LEED building practices, and is part of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Recent Awards include a FAB Award for Interior Design of a restaurant in Minneapolis and a Fresh Faces of Design Nomination for HGTV.



 Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Rachel Stocker

I’m…a natural redhead with random facts about comics, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

I always...sneeze every day.

I love...graph paper notebooks and messy floor plan sketches.

I drink...tea & I'm pretty sure I can sense when chocolate near.

I think...Converse sneakers are an essential. I have multiple pairs on a weekly rotation.

 Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Carley Rooney

I’m…a sports fanatic and have a crazy amount of sports knowledge.

I always...ask for extra guac.

I love...dogs, dogs, dogs and travel.

I drink...LaCroix (a lot of it).

I think...listening to music is a great motivation tool, especially when it makes you feel like you’re in a music video

 Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Jill Dunnigan

Fun Facts Coming Soon

 The Guard Dog

The Guard Dog


 Interior Designer & Library Manager

Interior Designer & Library Manager

Anne Cook

I’m…super tall.

I always…ask to move to a different table at restaurants.

I love…travel, cats, cabins, and yoga.

I drink…Rosé. All day.

I think…good interior design always includes unique art & accessories that tell a personal story.