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Owner & Director of Interiors

Amanda Maday

Amanda has over 10 years’ experience in the commercial and residential design world with over 500 projects completed. Her passion for the commercial design industry inspired her to found her own design studio offering interior design, architecture, brand development, and graphic design services.

Restaurant and food service projects are Amanda’s wheelhouse, and she has a great understanding of the vital relationship between kitchen and front of house operations. She has also worked in television design for numerous shows on HGTV and the DIY Network. 

Amanda has her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, is accredited in LEED building practices, and is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Recent awards include an International Interior Designers Association (IIDA), FAB Award for restaurant design, and a Fresh Faces of Design Nomination for HGTV.




Assistant Design Director

Assistant Design Director


I’m…an early bird obsessed with worms, an INFP, a good listener, a maker, a doer.

I always…aim to reach consensus.

I love…thought provoking books, collecting things and ideas, mindful design.

I drink…to a happy and creative life. Cheers!

I think…a lot about how design impacts behavior in a space, and how behavior impacts design.

Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Anne Cook

I’m…super tall.

I always…look to nature for inspiration.

I love…travel, cats, cabins, and yoga.

I drink…tea. never coffee.

I think…good design incorporates unique, personal details like artwork, antiques, and treasures collected from travels.

Architectural Technician

Architectural Technician


I’m…a fitness fanatic.

I always...curse.

I travel.

I everyday and Tito’s most weekends.

I is a decision, not a feeling!

Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Rachel Stocker

I’m…a natural redhead with random facts about comics, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

I always...sneeze every day.

I love...graph paper notebooks and messy floor plan sketches.

I drink...tea & pretty sure I can sense when chocolate is near.

I think...Converse sneakers are an essential. I have multiple pairs on a weekly rotation.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

jenn webster

I’m…the girl asking to pet your dog.

I always...laugh so hard that I cry.

I love...Minnesota summers.

I drink...way too much coffee.

I think...there’s nothing more fun than traveling and exploring new places.

The Puppy

The Puppy